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Are you seeking life-changing, deep, and organizational-level resilience but stuck in a hotel classroom getting boring, superficial, and individual-level resilience training instead?

Time to get out of the sterile classroom and into a CRL one-of-a-kind embodied education in a legendary Mann Gulch wilderness adventure.

Embodied Resilience Leadership Education on Mann Gulch

“A cosmology episode occurs when people suddenly and deeply feel that the universe is no longer a rational, orderly system”—Karl Weick

The August 1949 Mann Gulch fatal wild land firefighting catastrophe is a globally recognized Resilience Leadership case study. Join a cohort of executives, scholars, and other interested leaders in an embodied leadership incubator experience hiking the wilderness of Mann Gulch and the site of this iconic cosmology episode while learning the 15 essential elements of resilience leadership from world experts.

3-day and 5-day expeditions available


Come Join a Cohort!

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