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Adult Group Counseling

Getting Through Hard Times Together

One of the biggest challenges about psychological struggles is the feeling of isolation.   CRL Resilience Village therapy groups bring people together to work through tough times and feelings of hopelessness. The groups are designed to generate healing and hope by situating groups members in a safe place and in good hands. CRL Resilience Village therapy groups are led by qualified and licensed clinicians.. Types of Groups vary based on demand and expertise of clinicians.  See current offerings below.

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Divorced Group Counseling

Thie Resilience Village is offering a psychoeducational and process group designed to heal wounds and grow resilience post divorce. This group is led by a licensed clinician and a Ph.D. level resilience expert who has "been there done that" with divorce. This clinical group runs for 90 minutes and is covered by most insurance plans. The goup offers mental health coping skills and reslience leadership skill as well as group open process to share your own personal struggles and journey towards resiliene. 

Group Structure

CRL Village Resilience clinical groups are held in the Resilience Village in Orem, Utahoffice. Groups require at least four people to run and will not exceed 12 people.  Groups run for 6-8 weeks and are open process, and participants can join at any time.  The groups are clinical groups, so many health insurance providers will cover the expenses or provide partial reimbursement.   We also take Health Savings Cards. 

Session in Progress
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