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Bryne Lewis

Bryne Lewis has over ten years of experience maximizing organizational wellness and resilience to achieve positive outcomes for a diversity of stakeholders. Bryne has a creative and collaborative approach to data and design analysis to mitigate procedural pinch points and unleash organizational power. Currently completing a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Adler University, Bryne is passionate about revitalizing human architecture within organizations to increase individual and collective engagement  and resilience for employees and clients.

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Dr. Kari O'Grady

Dr. Kari O'Grady is an expert in organizational and community resilience leadership.  She leverages evidence-based practices to help organizations and communities prevent and manage crisis.  She has expertise working with extreme context organizations.  She also has experience working with faith-based organizations. She serves on healthcare boards and in leadership positions with national and local organizations. She is an associate professor of psychology and has worked in leadership positions in academic institutions. Dr. O'Grady is a sought after speaker at national and international conferences and has published numerous peer-refereed journals articles and books.

cell: 410-952-2207

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Dr. Jessica Haas

Dr. Jessica Haas is a national board-certified psychotherapist and core counseling faculty at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, her scholarship focuses on equity and resilience in communities affected by trauma. She has worked with diverse communities, county governments, school districts, and business organizations to curate informed policies. She has shared her expertise as an invited speaker, at refereed conferences, and through scientific publication. Jessica is an experienced dialogue facilitator on equity and resilience in multicultural consultation teams. 


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Dr. J. Douglas Orton

Dr. James Douglas Orton is a professor of business management and leadership.  He is an expert in  “high-resilience teams and organizations.” He focuses on the fusion of organization theory research and strategic management research as it informs resilience leadership practice.   After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Dr. Orton embarked on a sixteen-year project in which he helped translate research on high-reliability organizing into the U.S. national security system.  Dr. Orton has shared his expertise through consultation and presentation at national and international conferences and has published several articles and books on the topic of resilience in organizations. 

cell: 202-258-3711


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Brenna O'Grady

Brenna O'Grady works with organizations invested in traditionally underserved populations  through community-focused programming. Brenna started her own creative placemaking business in 2016 with a mission to connect various community organizations with resources and support.  She has presented nationally and internationally on creating more resilient communities through creative placemaking. Brenna holds an MPS in business from Maryland Institute College of Art


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