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Group Therapy for Teen Girls


Teen Girl Group Therapy

Nestled in the mouth of Provo Canyon, CRL offers a serene place to heal and grow. This group is designed for girls 14 years and up. We incorporate nature into ther therapy experience to address mental health and relationship concerns.  This group is especially helpful for girls struggling with anxiety, depression, and social issues. The group is led by a licensed psychologist, Dr. O'Grady, and meets for 45 minutes for open processing and mental health skills training, followed by the therapy leader teaching a mindfulness exercise.  Group members then practice the mindfulness exercise and write or draw in their journals. Group size: 5-12 people. Next group session begins May 25 @ 12:00 p.m.


 Teen Girl Nightengale Basket

Nightengales are the voice of nature, and a group of nightengales is called a "watch.."  CRL invites you to be part of a watch of girls as you sort through some of the challenges in your life. CRL is currently offering a Nightengales basked for those who sign up now for a 8-week session.  Next session begins May 25th @ 6:00 p.m. 

Included in Nightengale basket:

  • Self-reflection notebook

  • Self-care mental health workbook

  • Stress squishy ball

  • Bath soap

  • Candle

  • Plant

  • and chocolate of course!

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