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Recovery from Failure: The Crisis of Scandal

CRL: Helping organizations and communities reduce the likelihood of crisis and manage it when it occurs.

The Southern Baptist Convention joins the throngs of faith-based organizations being brought to task for committing and covering up sexual abuse. The questions the SBC should be considering right now include: How did we get here? What needs to die in our organization? What does re-invigorated life look like for our organization? The answer to those (and other sensemaking questions) should be answered relative to not only the sexual abuse itself, but also the tendency to hide the offenses and punish and re-abuse the whistle-blowers. Thomas Plante, Ph.D., ABPP.
"At some point during the journey into the liminal space, the initiate becomes keenly aware that he or she is entering into a dangerous state and that a death of sorts is likely to occur....The infusing of all aspects of the individual’s past, released and reinterpreted in and by the liminal experience, allows the individual to emerge into the culture empowered to, and with the responsibility of, fulfilling the mandate placed on him, her, or them in the liminal state" (O'Grady, White, & Schreiber-Pan, 2015).

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