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Doctoral-level, internationally informed, collaborative research

 An emerging “next normal” urgently calls for 21st Century executive resilience leadership practices such as complexity leadership, open structures, fragmented institutions, network strategies, evolutionary change, organizational decision-making, exploration learning, enactive sensemaking, cross-functional collaboration, swarming improvisation, and inside-the-boom resilience.

The lack of rigorous certification procedures for executive leadership offerings has permitted the market to be swamped by unqualified instructors recycling personal anecdotes, catchy metaphors, and journalist-recounted leadership stories; insisting that all CRL’s education modules be grounded in high-end scholarly research creates a competitive advantage by leveraging the evidence-based study of over 6,000 catastrophes, disasters, crises, disruptions, and perturbations.

Too much leadership theory, research, education, and practice has been developed in the narrow population of U.S. corporations; insisting that CRL’s materials are derived from beyond the U.S. corporate bubble maximizes paradigm-stretching cross-pollination.  We invite you to collaborate with us.

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